Asian Art Museum

There’s a love/hate relationship between San Francisco and I. I didn’t exactly feel fulfilled the first time visiting but now there’s a strong pull towards the West Coast, specifically San Fran.

The Asian Art Museum is a magical place, and for $20, it’s worth every single cent. Three floors of Art, Images and Video to keep you occupied for hours. I started from the top floor, and I assumed the Museum was small in size, but I was very wrong. I spent an hour, on floor three alone. SideNote: I’m obsessed with Buddha, and all his forms.

Buddha is always a favorite. It’s unexplainable but no matter what negative vibes I’m feeling as soon as I’m around Buddha, I’m filled with happiness and laughter. I’m telling you I could’ve pitched my tent, and camped out for the day. However I believe that is frowned upon by security.

If you are in San Francisco, Cali, please make your way to The Asian Art Museum located at 200 Larkin Str, San Francisco, CA 94102.

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